Our Story - Why Summa Security?

We are on a mission to find great security products that exude quality and provide lasting value. Unfortunately, the security industry is full of poor quality products that fail to perform the basic function that they were designed for. It doesn't have to be that way. We aim to rectify this by creating a strong curated collection of pre-built and customized solutions that address a wide range of security issues.

Our company has been securing homes and businesses for over 40 years through our locksmith entity that serves North Texas. In 2017 my wife and I took the plunge, bought the family business, and the planning for Summa Security began. At the time I didn't really know exactly what Summa Security would be or how it would be different from all the other security companies out there, but I believed that there was an opportunity for us to expand our business and add a lot of value to a larger audience.

In developing the idea or ethos of Summa Security I drew inspiration from many people and companies, but none more prominent than Matt Moreman and Obsessed Garage. The message of Obsessed Garage always resonated with me since the first day I subscribed to Matt's YouTube channel. Unknowingly, he mentored me through the decision to take risk and buy the family business. And also had a significant impact in developing the central focus of Summa Security. So big thanks to Matt for sharing his experiences and proving that specializing in high quality, functionally excellent products is a viable business model.

Summa is the Latin word for total. That was the intention from day one, to cover a very wide range of topics and products related to security. There are a few key things we do differently though. We share the journey with you through our YouTube channel and other social media platforms. Even if you don't buy a product from us, our hope is that you will take away some useful information. We only offer products that meet our discerning standards. We pick and choose the one's that we like and those are what we offer for purchase. We also create custom solutions by combining products from different companies and modifying them to make them better.

We are very excited to share this journey with you! So stay tuned and give us a follow!

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